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Integral to our vision and mission is ministry teams.

We endeavor to see every member serving on a ministry team. Level Ground implements five ministry teams, each one addressing an area of discipleship. These five teams are Worship, Equip, Care, Finance, and Outreach. The teams are designed to work in harmony with each other, developing mature and complete disciples in the body.



(Romans 12:1)
To oversee the worship ministries at L.G.C.C.

  • Implement worship strategy for L.G.C.C.; not limited to Sunday mornings

  • Create a worshipful atmosphere through song, drama, and physical settings

  • Oversee and advise on worship services

  • Advise the pastoral team on preaching topics

  • Develop and oversee the prayer ministries of L.G.C.C.

    • Thursday Evening Prayer

    • Prayer Walks

    • Prayer Chain

    • Other prayer ministries

  • Oversee arts and creative/decorative team members. Oversee dancers and drama skits

  • “Praise and Worship” organization



(Matthew 5:14-16; 2 Timothy 2:2)
To develop and oversee the nurture of children, youth, and adults

  • Implement a nurture (discipleship) strategy for the church

  • To advise on L.G.C.C. Classes

    • 101- Membership Class (Who we are/What we believe?)

    • 201- Growth and discipleship class/group (Foundations of Christianity)

    • 301- Spiritual Gifts/ placement (How to use your gifts in the body)

  • To oversee Youth gatherings

    • Direction on Curriculum

    • Recruit and train teachers

  • To oversee Youth ministries

    • Develop youth ministry strategy

    • Recruit and train volunteers

  • Oversee Adult ministries

    • To develop an overall strategy of adult nurture

    • Oversee Adult or Men’s and Women’s Bible Study



(Romans 12:13; 1 Peter 4:9)
Develop and oversee the caring ministries of L.G.C.C.

  • Implement a caring strategy for Level Ground Community Church

  • Develop strategy to keep in touch with members

  • Hospital and home visits for sick and shut-in members

  • Oversee and direct Potluck Sundays and all fellowship activity needs (special services, funerals, weddings and other receptions)

  • Administer the compassion fund (benevolence) with assistance of Finance and Property team members.

  • Hospitality team (ushers and greeters)



(Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)
Develop, implement and oversee the Outreach and Missions ministries of L.G.C.C.

  • Develop an outreach strategy

    • Special Events

    • Outreach programs

    • Training in evangelism

    • Monthly evangelistic outreaches

  • Develop a missions strategy

    • Education program on missions

    • Policy on the support of missionaries
      Short-term missions strategy based on an overall philosophy of missions

    • Oversee yearly missions conference

    • Oversee incoming mission teams

    • Oversee outgoing mission teams (from our church) 



(Psalm 24:1, Matthew 24:45-47)
Develop, implement and oversee the finances and property of L.G.C.C.

  • Finances

    • Develop and oversee the budget of L.G.C.C.

    • Develop, implement and oversee the outside funding of the church

    • Oversee the collection and deposit of all funds

  • Property

    • Oversee the care and purchase of equipment

    • Advise the church on property acquisition

    • Maintenance of church space

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