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Jesus Project

Serving the children and families of Hollygrove, Jesus Project Ministries functions to bring hope and help to the inner city. Our church actively supports and participates in the great work that is being done through this ministry.


New Orleans

TNO serves the people and families of New Orleans to foster strong neighborhoods, empowered residents, and an overall better community. Our church serves along with several other entities in this pursuit.


Crescent City Cafe

CCC serves with three goals in mind: to serve guests with dignity, to unite individuals through a shared meal, and to create community. Our church serves at the cafe every third Saturday of each month.


Trinity Community Center

TCC walks alongside the youth of Hollygrove from kindergarten through college. They offer educational support, mentorship, and spiritual guidance. Members of Level Ground have served as board members since the launch of our church.


Hollygrove Neighbors Association

For many years the members of HNA have served the various needs of the residents of Hollygrove. Members vary in age from high school students to senior citizens. Both of our pastors currently serve as board members for this organization.

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